Nibbler SilkTide - Website Testing

Okay, maybe google analytic is good, alexa is also a good web/blog analysis webware but now here is Nibbler ( that appear now to be in an alpha phase but already do a friendly analysis of tons of pages. Nibbler SilkTide is not just a testing and analysis site, it provide an insight like Nibbler SilkTide is addicted, tasting your website and give you the report summary like Nibbler SilkTide is talking to you. Not just a data, but a complete easy to understand presentation of your site analysis testing results. You don't need to be a tech junkie to understand your blog/web when there is Nibbler SilkTide available, explaining every details for you.

Example for the old nibbler testing result. Current report is much better and friendlier.

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Nibbler Silktide

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