iPad 2 - 33% Thinner, 15% lighter, 10 hours battery life

iPad 2. Not much to tell except that Apple do it again. iPad 2 comes with 33% thinner, 15% lighter, two Dual-core A5 chip (so it is faster), nine times the graphics performance, 10-hour battery life, two cameras on iPad 2 with full screen FaceTime, has iPad 2 Smart Cover, 9.7 inches of high-resolution LED-backlit display, multi touch screen better than iPhone, iPad 2 is supported by current newest iOS 4 operating system.

More about iPad 2? Like their other product, iPad 2 is instant On, Wi-Fi and 3G available, has Gyro, accelerometer, and compass so that no matter how you rotate your iPad 2, your screen will always know the upside down (it rotates 360 degree portrait or landscape view). See: Techspec.

iPad 2: Official Debut Video

Unboxing iPad 2:

iPad 2 full user-made review:

iPad on market:

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