Magazines 2011 (January to December)

This Page shows some of the biggest and the most sucessful magazines selection from the past year of 2010 statistic. The statistic is considered based on the increase in ads sales and subscription made by readers throughout the year (not based on the size of the company), in the real conventional world. For some reason, reading magazines still can give you so much fun..

The mags for 2011 (unordered list):
01. Popular Mechanics
02. InStyle
03. Every Day With Rachael Ray
04. Los Angeles Times Magazine

Digital magazine (Mag+) concept video:

05. Marie Claire
06. Fitness
07. Parade
08. Saveur
09. Scholastic Parent & Child
10. OK Weekly
11. Teen Vogue
12. Baby Talk
13. Real Simple
14. Entertainment Weekly
15. Country Weekly
16. Nexos
17. Scientific American
18. Ser Padres
19. Boy's Life
20. Technology Review
21. American Profile
22. Martha Stewart Weddings
23. Executive Travel SkyGuide
24. Scuba Diving
25. People Style Watch

Not in the list? How about I favorites these mags:
26: National Geographic
27: Mastika (in Bahasa)
28: Maxim
29: Game Informer
30: ESPN

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