Need For Speed World (Free Online MMO)

Okay if you didn't notice yet, Need For Speed World is now 100% free except if you are a lazy gamer, you still need to buy those speedboost coins to buy an upgrade, cars and more. Playing NFS world is fun.

Although you are playing and competing multiplayer online challenging players from all over the world, the game hardly get stuck. If you have a very good pc, or maybe latest laptop, you probably could get the maximum video setting for full in-game experience. The map? of course the famous ever expanding Tri City. The more you play the bigger the area you can cover, includes the Tri City map attached from the previous NFS most wanted and more. The cars? you will need to get to up to level 30 to get that expensive lamborghini. So, create an account, download the free NFS world client, play as long as you wish, challenge anybody, invite for private match, disturb the cops, and the heaven of all, no money needed.

Listsheet: Need For Speed World Client (For Windows)

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  2. Need for Speed is the most successful series of racing games worldwide, making it one of the game franchises of most success of all time !
    Need For Speed Download