Carlos 2010

Follows the life of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, a Venezuelan-born leftist revolutionary nicknamed Carlos and later Jackal who famously raided the OPEC headquarters in Vienna, Austria, in 1975. Known as the real life "anti-James Bond," Ilich worked for radical Palestinians and groups in Syria, Libya, Iraq and communist Romania. Manipulated by the secret services of Arabian and eastern countries, he founded a worldwide terrorist organization and ended up ridiculed and alone in exile in Sudan before being picked up by French police.

This is 2 ½ hour "movie version" cut of Olivier Assayas' Carlos the Jackal biopic Carlos (2010), truncated from the original 5 hour TV mini-series by its director in order to make it more palatable for cinema audiences.

Carlos 2010 movie trailer.

Carlos 2010 DVD

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