Divorded, Desperate and Dating (Romantic Mysteries) by Crystie Craig

This book has been given free to the U.S. kindle user back in 2008. As per critic, this book worth a value, wonderful, funny and laughable. It's just what's been missing from the romance shelves for far too long: humor, action and adventure with an emphasis on the romance, and likable characters.

No tortured heroes, no annoyingly "super" heroines, i.e., no super powers, no super skills, no super smart mouth, no super top secret jobs. Just smart, resourceful people you'd actually like to know. Also no paranormal creepiness. Official release statement: Lacy is divorced, Chase is desperate; falling in love has never been so delicious in Christie Craig's new laugh-out-loud funny romantic suspense from Dorchester Publishing.

Release trailer for Divorded, Desperate and Dating Book.

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