How To Develop A Super-Power Memory By Harry Lorayne

This book 'How To Develop A Super-Power Memory' is the book about memory and mental exercise. No doubt the technique told need a massive concentration on right brain, yet is could be fun as it really practically go with with the system of creativity rather than dry boring rote-memorization. Lorayne system in super-power memory technically focus on creativity, pictorial memorization by using a blast amount of energy at once, but once remembered, you will hardly forget.
Also, it suggest a kind of memory alteration by remembering a picture, alter it a bit, alter it a lot, or alter them with the new unexisted subject. Cool practice on chain-link-memory, allowing you to memorize a lot of important details and numbers, and so goes on the story in between those things.

Secret of super learners seminar.

Listheet: How To Develop A Super Memory - Harry Lorayne

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