Gravatar & OpenID Avatar - Adding Nice Picture To Your Comments Anywhere

Majority of you already know and using that globally recognize avatar in adding your nice image of yourself. Visual representation always works better and makes your comments recognizable except that only give support to your comments made with your wordpress or email account.

No image will be displayed if you comment using name/url or openID options. And that makes not really a global service, not really mainstream solution st they left with so many loopholes.

Now, there is slightly better, instead of just sending a petition for to accept openID, there is already openID avatar available, just login with your openID (your blog) and set your email address inside. If you already set the similar email from gravatar, your image will be pull up from it, or else just upload your new one into it. It just take not more than 5 seconds to setup, so get it both Gravatar and openID avatar.

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  1. Testing gravatar...

    1. How can I add gravatar to OpenID? I keep seeing the openID logo...

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  3. I don't get it. What am I supposed to do to get things right ?

  4. Testing metod posted by

  5. It would be great if this worked!

  6. testing with pavatar...

  7. I've done some reading: blogger doesn't work with Gravatars. Perhaps it is better to get a google account for blogger so that you have a picture. Then just include a link to your site in the comment.

    Alex South: