Geek Desktop Wallpaper Pack

A desktop wallpaper pack - Geek, tailored for a computer freak. Having long hours in front of your own square screens? lets your wallpapers with smooth geeky colors give you some advice. As for now windows and Mac already support image rotation, Geek Wallpaper pack contains 12 simple advices, change once at a time, everytime your wallpaper change (30 minutes, 1 or 2 hours or a day change).

Advice includes:
1. Backup
2. Dance!
3. Get Some Exercise
4. Get Some Fresh Air
5. Get Some Sleep
6. Give Someone A Hug
7. Go For A Walk
8. Grap A Coffee
9. Make A Cuppa
10. Read A Book
11. Save
12. Sing

Listsheet: Geek Desktop Wallpaper Pack

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