Dogs 101 - Choosing the best dog that suits you.

Watch it all eight by clicking the dog names below. Each classified with  their own unique important aspect of environment needed, healthcare requirement, grooming, training, and family friendly level, allowing you to select the best pet dog for the best environment.

Animal Planet's Dog 101 is a short reviews on top 8 American most popular dogs including...

French Bulldog:
French bulldong is one of the dog that look good by just sitting around and being cute. Surprisingly, the French Bulldog comes from england, turns from the breed of English Bulldog, and cross with Pug and Terrier. With average of 28 pounds, has short pushed face, noisy breathing, face wrinkles that must always be cleaned, bat ears and poor reproductive - can not naturally mating, expensive. Require little exercise, do really well pet in an urban environment, never bite but have that stubborn 'I am the boss' attitude.

Boston Terrier:
First breed develop in United States, lively, intelligent and people loving and energetic popular dog. The cross between English Bulldong and the now extinct White English Terrier. Characteristic - expressive faces and striking color pattern. Nickname is 'American Gentlement'. Short muzzle cause it to take lots air while they eat, naturally clean your room but also fart a lot. Not really bark, easily overheat, having respiratory issue so where you live is really a consideration.

Golden Retriever:
With lowest barking sound, no bad breath, soft mouth, very versatile and love to retrieve anything you throw. The Golden is so really to work with the people they bonded with, trainable and can run tirelessly all day long. Big body, energetic, love to chew and maybe aggressive. However, it has joint bones disorder, proved need a careful medical attention, have cancer in the breeding, and need large space to play.

Snoopy is a house hound, loudest bark in three different ways, suitable for hunting partner. Lovely, fun but probably not a good dog if your neighbor prefer quiet environment. Not aggressive with kids, need extensive grooming, less medical attention required, but beagle is one of the affectionate fun and happy dog.

Others - West Highland White TerrierYorkshire Terrier, English Bulldog and Pug.

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