Windows 7 Steel Orb, Orb Changer and Dreams Wallpaper

Steel Orb for windows 7. Comes with four choices including Original Steel Orb, Small Steel Orb,  Arrow Steel Orb, and Square2 Steel Orb. That Steel Orb any of your choice seems perfectly match with that Dreams Wallpaper Pack by Psychopulse, 9 abstract minimalistic wallpaper that have kind of calming effect for me.

Dreams Wallpaper pack. The above image also use dreams - blue dreams from the pack.

Note: Although the orb can be changed, you will need to know the correct cmd command or else for I-know-nothing user, you still can replace your default Windows 7 orb with this simple portable Orb Changer for Windows 7. Read here for step by step instruction on using Orb Changer or Windows 7 button changer as article was named.

Listsheet: Windows 7 Steel Orb Pack, Dreams Wallpaper Pack, Orb Changer Portable

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