Speedbit Video Accelerator 3 - Eliminate Buffer While Streaming Videos

Yes, speedbit video accelerator works as claimed. While in normal browsing, we always restricted to one channel even for watching streaming videos. Hence for some downtime, buffer process obviously frustrate everybody. Speedbit trying to solve this problem by channel-ling the streaming videos into your computer from multiple sources, and that means accelerating the buffering process so that you can view the video smoothly, without lags.

SpeedBit Video Accelerator supports videos from over 150 leading sites such as Yahoo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook, MySpace, 5min, Veoh, Grouper, Stage 6, AOL Video, Bebo, Break, EA, ESPN and many more. Comes in two, Free Speedbit (Accelerates normal videos) and Speedbit HD (Premium version enable you to accelerates HD videos).

Video expert tested HD videos on 20MB internet speed and it got stucked 25 times, while it played smoothly with Speedbit Video Accelerator.

Listsheet: Speedbit Video Accelerator 3.1

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  1. interesting info. haven't got hooked up into streaming stuffs yet but good to know that there is a good tool out there.