Meet The Natives USA

After the success of their Meet The Natives UK, Meet the Natives guys once again documenting the world outside. This time, United States. Meet The Natives is the documentary about 5 selected guys from Tanna (South Pacific Island) who travel long journey discovering the United States in order to meet John Navy, to give back the word of peace to US high chief (alternatively they are looking for president, barrack Obama).

With the message of peace, they had fun but discovered so many flawl of modernization being practiced: the system of money, the self-breeding on pig which they found cruel, the peoples pay more for organic food than the crops raised by modern farming, poor homeless guy despite of all taller skyline available, they tasted beer and get drunk etc. With their pure heart, they met some nice people along the journey, impressed with all the modern America had offered but what makes this show special, they act and looks wiser compared to many Americans they met.

Homepage: Meet The Natives (NATGEO)

Youtube by VanuatuVeritas (All episodes)

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