Kick Ass - They Can't See Through Walls, They Can't Fly, But They Can Kick Your Ass

The movie about a high school nobody, a comic book fan who someday decided to do something big, be a superhero. A superhero without any power, without any training done, and most of all has no reason why he need to be a superhero whatsoever. However one evening, he managed to defeat the bad guy and his story spreaded quickly across the nation through Youtube. Later, he is joined by Red Mist, Hit Girl and her father Big Daddy and they form a vigilante team, fighting drug dealers and vandals in the city.

Kick Ass 2010 trailer.

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Here is your no power superhero: Red Hist, Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl and Big Daddy. I don't really read their comic though. Some says this movie is too bright, see the trailer, that is the real end color for the movie, sharp, HD to its finest.

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