James May's Toy Stories

If you think playing videogames is fun enough, think again. James May from BBC TopGear hosted the interesting series called Toy Stories consist of six parts/ episodes. The show was to bring Brits favourite toys once again this time presented in real life scale.

So, expect everything original (the toys) but been played in bigger, longer, heavier scale. They are just adult, who finally achieve their childhood dreams playing with their toys eg: build a house from a container of small lego bricks, a 10 mile long train set, a scalextric race cars with real life length of track, creating a garden 100% from plasticine etc. Since their toys are special, one of its kind in the world, most of the episodes are also about making or breaking the record for Guinness World Records.

Episode list (wikipedia):
1. "Airfix" - Attempting to build a full-sized model Spitfire from a giant Airfix kit.
2. "Plasticine" - Creating a Plasticine garden and entering it for the 2009 Chelsea Flower Show.
3. "Meccano" - Building a life-sized bridge made entirely out of Meccano.
4. "Scalextric" - Racing two Scalextric cars at the site of former grand prix track Brooklands in Surrey.
5. "Lego" - Build the world's first Lego house from a container of lego bricks.
6. "Hornby" - Linking Barnstaple to Bideford with the world's longest model train set.

Youtube by pully87:

Episode 1 Part 6 (Airfix Part 1 - 6).

Episode 2 Part 5 (Plasticine Part 1 - 6)

Episode 3 Part 3 (Meccano Part 1 - 6)

Episode 4 Part 5 (Scalextric Part 1 - 6)

Episode 5 Part 6 (Lego Part 1 - 6)

Episode 6 Part 5 (Hornby Part 1 - 6)

Listsheet: James May's Toy Stories DVD

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