How To Get Anyone To Say Yes In 8 Minutes - The Science of Influence

Here it is an other how to manipulate other book. Proven by the real world research in influencing others. Turns so many 'No'into 'Yes' whenever you want it to. This book by Kevin Hogan will teach you dozen of techniques and strategies to influence others, including how to reduce resistance, how to send undetectable unconscious nonverbal message, how to make people comfortable in your present, effectiveness of body language, how to build credibility and be persistent without pain. You can trust Hogan as he is the motivational speaker and master of body language for BBC, New York Post, Cosmopolitan and Playboy.

Also teaching persuasion and influence at St. Thomas Management Center. Now, you can have that 'Yes' answer in 8 minutes or less. If you can do this, your life could be as easy as pie.

Since Kevin Hogan is among the famous, you can see him everywhere, learn his technique further on youtube.

Limited preview of the book.

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