A Fable About Fullfilling Your Dream And Reaching Your Destiny

The 208 pages of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. This is the first edition bestseller by Robin S. Sharma wrote about personal growth. This is actually kind of personal story and motivational aspects mixed up all together. The his story, Sharma as a quite successful lawyer having everything (nice office space, cars, women, high profile lifestyle) but then suddenly decided to give up all and tours the east. He come across this strange anonymous monk and end up at the monastery finding peace for himself. However that monk asked him to go back, spread the words with everybody and here he is explaining about unique parable in life. This book is not asking you to giving up your wealth but as strange as it is, demand you to gain more with a twist on timeless principles (that is why this book still relevant today), change your thinking about yourself to raise the quality of your life and archieve lifelong happiness.

Here he is talking the leadership training - take action, execute your idea.

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