World Of Goo: Cute, Fun, Go Go Goo Balls.

My all time favourite game eventhough I already finished the level there so many times. World of Goo is a physic based game, with cute gooballs. Yes gooballs, they are balls with eyes and come in various colors and various ability. Some gooballs can stick to/unstick from each other, some gooballs can transform into a balloon, so they can fly all other gooballs. Other gooballs are kind of explosive, they just 'boom' and destroy the surrounding.

So many types of goo balls with the various missions without ever neglect the law of physics including downforce of gravity, too much weight may bend and collapse the gootower, goo balloons may just 'pop' and so on forth. Enjoy this game till you cover up all level of planet goo, from such harmonious green place to the virusfull of data environment (digital world of goo).

Here is the gameplay review with hard to hear in game music (the music was nice):

Plus here some images from the game: Listsheet: World Of Goo

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