Taking Chances: Can I Kiss You? No, You Can't

In a small-historic-going-to-bankrupt town, everything is a mess. Jason has no exception as well. He is the whole bunch of crap guy who love to play their town historic war suddenly met Lucy, and now he is in love. But, a couple with no touching, no kiss at all will test his man thing of course. Then the town gets an Indian casino proposal, which is not the solution Jason agreed on. In order to save his town historic value, he gather his all out offensive energy against the casino: which in turns gather angry from the whole town as they believe the casino is their only hope for the town's financial survival.

Although this movie is clean and hilarious all the time, some small part is not suitable for kids at all. I reminded you that.

Here is the trailer. You know, this is the type of "some kind of stupid morons surrounded by his stupid friends trying to change the world" movie.

Some screenshot, as I am currently addict to images, visible art. Listsheet: Taking Chances (2009)

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