Reading Reader's Digest 2010 (U.S. Edition)

Along with the national geographic, reader's digest is my other monthly text to read. I read this magazine just on my freetime, and by the end of every month, I will sure finish the reading. What I like about this magazine is the humor section, the self-improvement part, the selected hero and the so random tips about life and routine.

January 2010
No release for this early year, as the magazine was combined from the last year 2009 December edition.

February 2010
19 New way to fight fat, easy, healty, fast. Also featuring the wacky gadgets'test sold on tv during late nite advert, instant mindset makeover and word power on how to sound smart. The other includes how the government failing down the veterens, Darfur food aid, how to write love letter's, excerp on the book discussing how a cat can detect which one of our patients are going to die and more. Hotfile: Feb RD

March 2010
Mark Harmon NCIS man, 50 secrets ER won't tell you, the baseball legend, and the new era of credit card traps practiced by the industry and how to avoid it. All cover the collection of photos from 11 journalist to sum up the war in Afghanistan, climate-engineering on faking everything from volcano, rains, trees etc. Hotfile: Mar RD

April 2010
The healt industry and the tons of vitamins' scam, meet the prankster and some practically easy prank example, global relief on Haity, fish invader discussing the water environment threat when an aquarium fish from other habitat are being release into their non-native river ecosytem, spam donor and is he a father of his son or only just a donor. Hotfile: RD April

Listsheet: Reader's Digest (May-August, 2010)

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