PrintWhatYouLike Bookmarklet Save Paper & Ink Printing

PrintWhatYouLike is a free bokmarklet for your browser, the pre-printing editor to be exact. PrintWhatYouLike eneable you to open an editable print preview your desired page before printing. Meaning you can remove anything including ads banner, widgets and anything on the page before you proceed with the printing.

Also have build in automatic feature that can remove all images including background, or you can condense the web page down in just one single click. Less items to print meaning less ink needed to print, and possibly less paper for printing.

PrintWhatYoulike user video demo:

Some PrintWhatYouLike printer friendly features:
1. Enter a URL and click Start.
2. There is nothing to download - everything runs in your browser
3. Make the page more readable by changing the font size and type and removing the background
4. Combine multiple web pages - edit & print them as one document!
5. Save your modified page as a PDF or HTML document
6. Remove ads and other junk you don't want

Drag this PrintWhatYouLike into your browser bookmark bar. Or if you can't, get it from PrintWhatYouLike official page here.

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