Powering Up Your MS Excel Skill Via This IT Girl's Guide Becoming An Excel Diva

What the.. heck, I hate girls. Girly, over trendy girls to be exact. However when it comes to computing knowledge, gender is not relevant at all. This book comes in pink for real, and the way it was written, so hell feminin. Suitable for geek fashionista, learning how to use microsoft excel 2007 like choosing various dress on the closet.

With the 'Welcome to the Party' theme, learning excel then should never be a boring course anymore (I wish).

Here is an excerpt from the Becoming An Excel Diva by Ani Babaian:
Relax, refresh, and reward yourself at the end of each chapter with fun, stress-reducing chats, like why soy Chai lattes are better than regular lattes. Don't miss these gems!
* Meet Microsoft(r) Excel(r) 2007, the Louis Vuitton of spreadsheets
* Join the conversation with these basic Excel terms
* Learn the fine art of Excel formulas and functions
* Dress up Excel data with SmartArt, WordArt, and other chic accessories
* Build a shopping spree budget from scratch
* Show off by adding Excel data into Word and PowerPoint(r)
Listsheet: IT Girl's Guide Excel

Excel as a database tutorial. Database is a must for every organization these days so it is a universal skills/knowledge required for everybody. Play it now while having your coffee break.

For an IT girls out there, good luck mastering and improving your excel skills. This book should be your other method in learning.

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