MyDefrag Scores Highest 90/100 Over Other Defragmenters

Having a great computer is a proud for its owner but maintaining it is as superb as it should be, could be your worse. Hence here is the defragmenter, a simple clumsy software in maintaining your sleek looking computer. MyDefrag has been featured in TechRadar along with other five commonly used defragmenters.

The catch is, MyDefrag scores highest 90/100, abiding its clumsy looks and lazy GUI. The Windows 7 default defragmenter (score 76/100) and other paid softwares (scores up to 85/100) maybe looks so smart, with the professional looking interface but MyDefrag is the only one there tailored to do the work - deffragmentation.

MyDefrag Video Review:

MyDefrag has a was a command-line based defragger, meaning it use lower resources. As for comparison, MyDefrag has the fastest roundup, has some extra settings and the catchy thing, while defragmenting, you can set it up as your ugliest screensaver. Sure your friends will says - "I think your computer screen is broken".

Listsheet: MyDefrag 4.2.9

If you see the ugly screen like below, your MyDefrag is working fine.

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