More Powerful Memory In 30 Days? - Plausible!

As reviewed on, this book is a complete training and development reading. With various task every day, we need room for more memory and that is the reason why we need to drove our memory to a few levels up. Written by cognitive expert Gini Graham Scott (Ph.D.), sharpen you memory is now guide-able, and more or less, without attending any class. This book introduces readers to memory-boosting techniques such as mnemonic (verbal - short poem or special words) devices, visualization, chunking and clustering, and mental triggers, etc.

Thus, read the book, gather the strategies and exercise for your own good in memorizing. I believe everybody need this book as learning process is a lifetime necessity.

Featured image above: the benefit of Ocean 3 Better Brain Vitamins. Yeah, that one is not a book, just giving a whole idea on why you need a better food (exampe above - Omega 3), or at least be selective with your every meal. Don't dump your brain with mind killing ingredients eg: MSG.

Listsheet: More Powerful Memory

Add on here on ways and techniques to improve your overall memory capability. The never boring method of music and singing and, the no doubt foolproof's expert way.

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