Lets Watch Nine Musical Movie

An other movie all packed with best actor for every cast possible. Moreover this movie is musical. Sort of Broadway musical to be exact. Kind of impressive will the high society looks. Nine is about one of the famous film director Guido Contini who are stuggling between his successfull career and his personal life, as he engages in dramatic relationship with his wife, his mistress, his muse, his agent, and his mother. Some viewers said Nine probably be the best movie ever for the year of 2009, yet for the non-musical fan, Nine could be their worst. As of course the boring music and the slow sing along plot for the whole storyline. Produced at USD80 million, Nine is the modern Broadway.

Nine 100% musical trailer.

This movie is all about musical with the weirdo hairs, bare legs, Fellini classic, 'boom' shutter classic cameras and more.

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