In Good Intentions, A Loving Mother Could Be An Armed Robber Too

The comedy movie about a Etta Milford, a good wife and a loving mother. Their life starts good, however with her husband always blows out money doing make-shift inventions, she secretly decided to take an investment. However, something goes really wrong, the investment goes awry, their live savings gone, her husband starts suspicious and her kids gone out of control. In order to get back her money and in her good intentions to bring her family like before, she come up with a scheme which includes blackmailing the local sheriff and being an armed robber on the grocery story. See it yourself. This movie is hilarious, all panicked and get messed up.

The trailer as usual:

Looked up for some onscreen shot, yet unlucky. Hence this post ended here. Rated plus minus 5 after 60% dropped in popularity (IMDB). Mediafire: Good Intentions

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