Hey Gengbloggers, Set Your Homepage To MyFunDarkSide Netvibes Public Page Now!

Open up your browser and everything is there available in one single page. No need for you to type in the url, pass, go browsing here and there like you usually do. I actually already using Netvibes for months. However that is me, my private page and requires me to stay signed-in for every visit. Meaning I have to makesure my browser cache stay as is or else I need to put that boring username and password again and again. Luckily, I was in a good mood, exploring this Netvibes and discover the option to setup my page as public. Thus, here is my Netvibes public page, called MyFunDarkSide.

 As a guest, you can't edit anything on this pubic page, but by setup this page as your homepage, I am aiding you to browse faster each time you open up your web browser. News, blogs, columnist updates are all mixed up properly. Or, just do the sign-up and make your own customizable page that suit your own quick browsing style.

Here is MyFunDarkSide Netvibes public page:

If you are wondering how I managed to get the above screenshot, just get it here (chrome extension - for chrome only).

Here is the youtube featuring netvibes all features

1- Unlimited Tabs, style and layout for every tabs.
2. Tons of static or dynamic (time/seasonal) themes.
3. Availability to publish and share your page(s) to others.
4. Private page is yet powerful, for your own private browsing experience.
5. Equipped with Google Search bar (Not shown here, I removed it).

Sign-up and do explore more by your own.

How to setup Netvibes as your browser homepage?
Chrome: Go to Tools> Options> Basic> See the Homepage part> Tick the middle Open This Page and insert this url http://www.netvibes.com/myfundarkside. Other browsers? find it yourself, as all browsers out there also have Tools section as well.

PS: Netvibes is actually quiet similar to Live page, yahoo page, google page etc but with an extra stunning layout, easy to customize page and looks casual/ less formal/ neat-less.

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