Hard Rock Cafe Finest Slash - Slash

Slash is probably one of the greatest guitarist of all time. As the lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses, Slash proved himself as one of the hard rock cafe finest. The sound, the music and everything in this album is amazing. This album is sort of special, different in many ways, better than Guns N' Roses or VR. The music that craft the Slash's life experience, through times and emotions. Some says this album complete with mesmerizing, infectious, and inspiring major tracks.

Listsheet: Slash - Slash

Tracklist for Slash:
01. Ghost (feat. Ian Astbury) (3:35)
02. Crucify The Dead (feat. Ozzy Osbourne) (4:04)
03. Beautiful Dangerous (feat. Fergie) (4:38)
04. Back from Cali (feat. Myles Kennedy) (3:37)
05. Promise (feat. Chris Cornell) (4:40)
06. By the Sword (feat. Andrew Stockdale) (4:52)
07. Gotten (feat. Adam Levine) (5:02)
08. Doctor Alibi (feat. Lemmy) (3:09)
09. Watch This (feat. Dave Grohl & Duff McKagan) (3:47)
10. I Hold On (feat. Kid Rock) (4:16)
11. Nothing to Say (feat. M. Shadows) (5:26)
12. Starlight (feat. Myles Kennedy) (5:26)
13. Saint is a Sinner Too (feat. Rocco DeLuca) (3:28)
14. We’re All Gonna Die (feat. Iggy Pop) (4:33)

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