Get Paid To Read And Rate Articles

Here is your opportunity to earn while keep doing your hobby, reading. Bookworms or text-hunger should love this one. Discovered Readbud about 2 days ago claiming I can get paid by read and rate articles. So I signed up. For me Readbud really an interesting offer that paid. As I review only things that really true and works for all. Here is how Readbud works.

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Readbud Video review, play it.

After you sign in, you are compulsory to choose up to 50 topic/ articles category. After that what you'll need to do is wait for an offer to read an active articles. In two days of exploring Readbud, I already received 54 articles invite and I had gave 46 rates (since I am new, and I don't really know how to use it, I had lose some money from the articles I read but not giving them rating). The articles usually about a page full of text, but some also have lesser than 100 characters. Reading those articles are proof easy, I only spend about 1-3 seconds skimming and gave them reasonable ratings, from 1 to 5 star. Each articles valued from 3 cents up to 9 cents, you can skip any invited articles if you want to and get back to the history and rated it later (while the invited articles still active). This is the real offer and many of Readbud's early bird already got paid.

Here is my Readbud's Dashboard Screenshot, I believe I need to cover my names there. As you can see., there are 4228 members online while I made that screen capture. USD 2.55 after two days, not bad at all since I only entered Readbud just four times during that 2 days time.

You have there earning opportunity in Readbud:

1. Read and rate article
2. Refer your friend to Readbud
3. Refer others to Readbud as well

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles
They pay your via paypal when you reach the minimum USD 50, and they pay you referral commission USD 5 each for nu. (2) and (3) after your downlines also reached their minimum USD 50.

End, forgot to mention you that Readbud is free to join. Click: Join now while you are still here.

Update: 15th April - Already have USD5.10 in my Readbud account, rated 93 article. Meaning it is plus minus 18 or 20 articles rated per day. Usually got a stream-full of article invites during lunch hour GMT +8.00.

Payment proof screenshot for Readbud. Not mine, yet the image below really told something - that they paid their users as promised. Click on the screenshot to see bigger clear image.


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  2. Very good information. I joined several days ago, too. Everything goes well and it is quite fun.