First Love (Piano Collection) by Yiruma

So.. here is Yiruma piano collection, First Love. Featured in Twilight movie, Edward played such a lullaby for Bella, River Flows In You. No doubt, First Love Piano Collection is all packed with almost all moving sounds, an amazing picked by an amazing pianist. Each piece contains a crisp, distinct melody, which is used to imprint a powerful emotion and visual image on the mind of the listener.

Fan's cover, River Flows In You.

Listsheet: Yiruma First Love (Piano Collection)

Music Sheet, River Flows In You.

01 - I
02 - May Be
03 - Love Me
04 - River Flows in You
05 - Passing by
06 - It's Your Day
07 - When the Love Falls
08 - Left My Hearts
09 - Time Forgets...
10 - On the Way
11 - Till I Find You
12 - If I Could See You Again
13 - Dream a Little Dream of Me
14 - I...
15 - Farewell

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