Elle Magazine U.S. 2010

Here is an other 'Fashion' magazine featuring the all out about women and their lifestyle. What so special about Elle magazine is something called a point of view which they really be that way differ from the others. They (the Elle magazine team) post great suggestions, tips with undiscovered literature quality, recently recognizing the value of artistic and design, and actually trying to walk in 5 1/2" platforms. However, some bad happens as Elle trying to be that celebrity reporter, which others always do, and Elle did badly.

Some think the recent change in leadership is causing the magazine to have an identity crisis. But, it is no doubt that Elle produce articles that are a bit more intelligent. Nowadays, Elle also features an "Eco" or "Green" issue that supports and gives recognition to organic cosmetics, etc.

Listsheet: Elle Magazine (Jan-Apr, 2010), Elle Magazine (May-July, 2010)

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