Dear John - An Army, A College Student and Long Distance Love

Strong long distance love. Can they make it? Dear John is a story between An army and a young college students who met together unexpectedly. John is on 2 weeks leave and Savannah is on spring break and is a volunteering in building house for Habitat for Humanity. John joins Savannah and short after their vacations, John and Savannah gets separated by distance.

Savannah promise to write John overseas during the next 12 months but everything is in jeopardy when John reenlists after the 9/11 attack.

The romantic trailer on how they first met short after John dived to get back Savannah's falling purse.

Listsheet: Dear John

This conflicting romantic drama has unseats Avatar from the top spot last February.

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  1. I dah ulang baca novel ini more than ten timess. mmg sangat best. bila dapat tau ia difilemkan mmg teruja habissssssss!