Concise Oxford English Dictionary Pocket Edition In Your Mobile

Years ago we can easily distinguish nerd and bookworm from the rest of the cool society. Nerd always bring at least the dictionary here and there, and sometimes they looks like not more than just a poser, bring the book all along together with them anywhere. However, since the mobile technology goes beyond imaginable, everybody now have their own cell phones, fancy with external casings and so many music or games application inside. Yet found out they are at most, missing something important - the dictionary.

Why bring the old dictionary if you can bundle it all in your mobile? In fact Concise Oxford Dictionary (Pocket Edition) like this is easy to carry, the text is easily searchable and take no extra space and weight to carry on. Only for mobile devices that support third party .jar application. Mini English dictionary complete with thesaurus and sentence example.

Listsheet: COD Mobile

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