Change Your Brain Change Your Life

This book shows hope for everyone, specifically through experiment. The book shows you the physical imaginary of human brain with various human emotions/behavior. Give it to anyone who questions whether diet or medication really affect their feelings and relationships. This book gives indisputable evidence that problems like depression, aggression, ADD and Alzheimers are physically based. I learned that even minor bumps to the head can change people's personalities and ability to learn. Dr. Amen shows pictures of brains with little or no activity in areas that have been injured, mirroring the patients' emotional or intellectual difficulties.

This book helped me understand people in my life who have seemed hopeless, shallow and even vicious. It showed me that there is hope for everyone who is willing to open their mind, get proper treatment, and challenge how they have viewed the world up until now.

Dr. Amen giving lecture on his Change Your Brain Change Your Life. This is the first part from all eight. Other part can be seen on Youtube.

Listsheet: Change Your Brain Change Your Life Audiobook

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