Bob Came In Pieces - He Is Your Poor Intergalactic Telemarketer

Bob Came In Pieces, an other physic based puzzle game. Some unique about this game is, the storyline really cute. Bob really told his story to you in front of your computer screen. There Bob, a call-center employee across the galaxy, contented with his life. So someday he is on his intergalactic journey for his job, travelling the recommended (supposedly safe) route, 'BAM' there his vehicle was hit by a meteor.
Helplessly, he plummeted into the nearest strange planet with no space depot present. Poor him, there alone in an unknown planet scavenging to fix his aircraft.

So then there is your beginning, helping Bob find his scattered space-vehicle, help him build one with any shape/idea you like and perhaps, you can solved all the puzzles (to unlock things) to keep Bob skyrocketed into space again.

Bob Came In Pieces gameplay video.

Listsheet: Bob Came In Pieces PC

Some beautiful ingame images.

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