Be A Freelance Journalist In Global Conflicts: Palestine

Watched the local documentary journey on Palestine last night. The documentary is so eyes opening with all the ruins and even, they interviewed the local Arabian high schooler, telling viewers about her difficult life in Palestine, how she always need to show her ID so many times per day even to enter the mosque and late for school because of that. Her dream is to grown up and go study for better.

That is not what this post all about anyway, this post is about the 2007 game called Global Conflicts: Palestine.

This game giving you a role as a freelance journalist, arriving at Jerusalem. Armed with pen and papers, you are then need to cover the whole story for the worldwide readers. The job is challenging, as it can be life threatening too. Walking the streets there in a conflicting world between Palestinian and Israeli, getting the stories is as cazy as avoiding scorch earth missiles, suicide bombers, in public shootout and many others. The game is all about awareness (education) on what is going on in Palestine, as much as how you need to earn peoples trust (reporter simulator) and walk with the different endings of your choice.

Listsheet: Global Conflicts Palestine

Some beautiful in game screenshot of Global Conflicts: Palestine.

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