The AUD$200 million 2010 War HBO Miniseries The Pacific

Overrwhelmed by the fact that this is the most expensive tv miniseries ever made by HBO, I am waiting this series so badly. Luckily they have setup a nice homepage, featuring all plots and details on each cast and episodes. The Pacific consist of 10 parts with three major battles and three man's (Basilone, Sledge, Leckie) war diary. This miniseries is about marine corp agains the japanese intrusion right after the pearl harbour attack. Casted in Australia with the so expensive cost up to AUD$200 million, this movie bring back the World War II fanboy from the old Band of Brothers to their tv screen.

Part 1
Robert Leckie and the 1st Marines land on Guadalcanal and take part in the Battle of the Tenaru.
Listsheet: The Pacific Part 1

Part 2
John Basilone and the 7th Marines land on Guadalcanal to bolster the defenses around Henderson Field.
Listsheet: The Pacific Part 2

Part 3
The 1st Marine Division on Guadalcanal is relieved and arrives in Melbourne, Australia. Basilone receives the Medal of Honor and is sent home to sell war bonds.
Listsheet: The Pacific Part 3

Part 4
Eugene Sledge enlists in the Marines and trains for combat, while Leckie and the 1st Marine Division are put into action at Cape Gloucester. Listsheet: The Pacific Part 4

Part 5
Sledge and Leckie land with the 1st Marine Division at Peleliu. Listsheet: The Pacific Part 5

Part 6
The Marines move to capture Peleliu's vital airfield. Leckie is wounded by blast concussion and evacuated.

Part 7
Sledge and the 5th Marines move into Peleliu's Bloody Nose Ridge to face the Japanese.

Part 8
Basilone is transferred to the 5th Marine Division and lands at Iwo Jima.

Part 9
Sledge and the 1st Marine Division land at Okinawa.

Part 10
Sledge and Leckie return home after the Japanese surrender.

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