7Pro Final For 7 Theme By Krissirk

Other updates on the very rare customize windows 7 theme. This time the theme by Krissirk. This time the theme is designed for expert. Do it yourself theme - they already do the theme, you just need to resemble it all together to meet the end result like the image on the left.

Read every instruction on how to install and correctly obtain this elegant Windows 7 theme.
- You need a patched system for using theme : Here
- Place the 7pro.theme and 7pro folder in your x:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder.
- For the StartButton you have to replace Explorer.exe in your Windows directory.
- Replace the explorerframe.dll in your x:\Windows\System32

Wallpapers: Here

Icons in the preview image: Here

Listsheet: 7Pro Final For 7

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