When FarmVille Goes Too Far for Most of You

Believe me, everybody who is using facebook shall try this latest addiction game on Facebook, the farm managing (simcity like) game, Farmville. Grow along the farmville crops is the so many sites including farmvilleplayer.com and other place to fuel the worldwide addiction. Playing farmville for certain other (not me) is beyond necessary, some of you even compete, cheat and pay for the farmville money to grow the crops and entitle yourself as the best Facebook farmer ever.

With no surprise, you can get this few weird stuff Farmville Farming Extreme Manager to not just play blatantly, but manage it like you own your farm, running it like the real farm/agriculure business. Plow and Harvest in a much manageable way. Farmville farmers can now go professional via the usage of technology. :P

Hotfile: Farmville Farming Extreme Manager 3.42

More? If you really want the fair play, like me believing on the clean play, grow the farm and master the art of farmville game.. you now have an opportunity to learn it the way it should, no cheat, up the level faster and be proud of yourself via reading the FarmvilleSecrets ebook.

Buy: FarmVille Secrets

No money? You can still go to the site and take a free farmville course indeed on secrets, tips and strategies.

Megaupload: Farmville Secret 

or if you want it on Malay Language, SiTikus.com already made it available. Partially translated.

And.. last but not least.. few videos from the youtube uploaders.. Farmville level 70? Crazy.

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  1. Farmville level 70? one of my friends is sitting on level 103