Time Gentlement, Please! rated 9/10 Indie Game

Come across the eurogamer and found out this one 2009 independent game called Time Gentlement, Please!. That is no ordinary tittle for me. No fancy modern effect in this game or whichever you expect from this recent times gaming engine. They build this game just to let themselves express their honest mainstream gaming influence, their understanding on interactive novel and love for the adventure genre.

Time gentlement, please! plot is rather funny and adventures. Like the cartoonish style, humor, simplicity etc. Below is the game trailer and gameplay combined. and the plot summary taken from eurogamer.

The plot follows Dan and Ben as they seek to undo the total cock-up they've made of history in the previous game by (minor spoiler) stopping the invention of the coathanger which, along with Dan's Magnum PI addiction, was to blame for total world genocide. Travelling back in time, their coathanger-related meddling inadvertently results in Hitler and an army of cloned Nazi dinosaurs conquering the world; our smug know-it-all heroes must work out a way to stop him and restore the earth to its correct timeline, whilst trying ultimately, we presume, to keep the eighties' most mustachioed detective (saving Angela Lansbury's later years) on their screens.

Hotfile: Time Gentlement, Please!

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