Hopeless World of The Road

I though this movie is just an other cheap movie but it isn't. The Road story started just after the destruction of the world (how and why left clueless). Where then human is battling their morals just to live on. The father is losing his hope, and trying to live like other wise man would normally do (live for his son), brought his son travel the 'road' to find an other safe home.

Yet, the surroundings is not so favorable, where human is now cannibal, hunting an other man for food and there is no law and order anymore. The good man like the father anyhow doesn't really act better, he is a lost soul, willing to do everything just to survive like how animal's mother protecting their babies. But the son doesn't have that kind of mind, the son is acting much wisely and because of the fact that he is growing, he doesn't feel so much loss, kind of believing in hope and act like a sacred heart no matter how cruel the world. Interesting? Yes, I finally do watched it.

Surrounded by the destruction and chaos, there is still an inner bright side where only the son and so few people can see. Do watch with your curious mind to understand the inner soul.

Mediafire: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5

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