Colin Farrel Psychological War Drama Triage

Watching Triage made this lily-livered film writer want to both be a war reporter and never, ever be a war reporter. Set in 1988, the film stars Colin Farrell as Mark Walsh, an Irish photojournalist who returns from an especially hairy assignment on the front lines of the Kurd-Iraqi conflict with scars both physical and psychological. The title refers to the process by which the gravely wounded are sorted on the battlefield, where medical equipment is minimal and caves double for emergency rooms.

Mediafire: Triage 2009
From Oscar winning director Danis Tanovic and based on Scott Anderson's haunting novel, a meditation on guilt, forgiveness and love, TRIAGE explores the post traumatic stress syndrome of photojournalist Mark Walsh.

Directed by: Danis Tanovic

Colin Farrell as Mark Walsh
Christopher Lee as JoaquĆ­n Morales
Paz Vega as Elena Morales
Branko Djuric as Dr. Talzani
Jamie Sives as David
Kelly Reilly as Diane

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